Holistic Massage

Uses a combination of Thai, Swedish and deep tissue techniques to release muscular tension, disperse toxins and relax the whole body; creating a feeling of well-being and balance. Pre-blended essential oils can be used to suit the needs of the individual.

30 minutes £35, 60 minutes £60, 90 minutes £85

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage works on releasing chronic muscle tension by using applied pressure, slow and deep strokes. These techniques work below superficial connective tissue, aiming to break down knotted muscles improving circulation and relieving stress. Specific attention is paid to those areas causing discomfort and if required most of the treatment can be spent on one area.

30 minutes £35, 60 minutes £60, 90 minutes £85

Hot stones can be added into the massage for an extra £5

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle and soothing massage especially for mothers-to-be, easing tensions in the body as you adapt to pregnancy. Pregnancy is a magical time for mother and baby, the healing power of touch releases ‘feel good’ endorphins, which are passed on to the baby. A safe and calming experience that will leave you feeling totally pampered. This treatment is carried out in the side-lying position.

60 minutes £60


An ancient therapy dating back to Egypt uses massage and pressure points on the feet which correspond to organs and muscles of the whole body. This is mapped in the form of reflex points. Reflexology induces deep relaxation promotes healing and balances the vital energy of the body.

60 minutes £50

Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones are used throughout the massage, the warmth of the stones softens the muscles enabling to go deeper into tense areas. 

The vibrations, energy and temperatures of the stones give a deeper connection to the earth and nature. Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies are brought into equilibrium. Stones are placed on and under the body throughout the treatment.

60 minutes £65, 90 minutes £95

Hopi Ear Candles

A pleasant and relaxing natural therapy. The movement and energy of the flame sends tiny vibrations down the candle which gently massages the ear drum; any excess pressure within the ear is released. Treatment includes a soothing and relaxing massage of the face, neck and ears.

45 minutes £40


Reiki helps speed up the healing process, boosts the immune system and revitalises and restores the natural balance of energy in the body. Reiki is a way of transferring universal energy through the hands. The energy naturally works on the parts of the body where it is needed, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Dowsing and crystals are added to the treatment to help locate and heal any blockages.

30 minutes £35, 60 minutes £55

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a relaxing and also stimulating therapy. The session is carried out with the client sitting in a chair; following the Indian tradition coconut oil is applied liberally during this massage. Coconut oil nourishes the skin and conditions the hair leaving it shiny and soft.

The treatment works on physical, mental and subtle levels. It includes massage of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face.
The overall effect will encourage clearer thinking and help release stagnant energy, leaving a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Ideal for relieving tension headaches, eye strain, ear-ache, tinnitus, jaw-ache, sinusitis and neck and shoulder stiffness.

40 minutes £40



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