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Neal’s Yard is proud to have been certified by the UK’s leading organic authority, the Soil Association, for over 20 years. This certification guarantees that a product contains the highest level of organic ingredients. Neal’s yard is a small, independent, British, family owned company that choose to support sustainable, organic harvesting under fair trading conditions.

Neal’s yard believe in safe cosmetics and Say No to parabens, synthetic fragrances, GMO, silicones, nano, phthalates and animal testing.

Neal’s yard skin care works in balance with nature combining luxurious ingredients derived from herbs and flowers full with therapeutic properties to pamper nurture and protect.

Organic Skin Care Facial

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This unique and ultimate relaxing treatment uses Neal’s Yard organic skin care. Lotions, creams and oils are applied which awaken the senses, easing stress and enhance the skins natural radiance.

Whether it is rejuvenating frankincense for signs of ageing or nourishing orange flower for dry skin the products are prescribed after a skin diagnosis and consultation.

The skin diagnosis looks at zones on the face which relate to parts of the body giving a deeper understanding to the appearance on the skins surface.

A deep cleaning aroma steam can be used during the exfoliation to soften the surface layer of dead skin cells freeing bacteria or any other trapped matter. A gentle extraction technique is applied at this stage to remove comedones and congested areas. The steam treatment also stimulates the blood circulation leaving a warm glow and helps the absorption of additional products in the facial.

Pressure point and natural face lifting techniques are incorporated into the facial boosting the circulation, relaxing the facial features, and regenerating the deep facial tissues giving the complexion a healthy glow leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Attention is given to the neck and shoulders using deep tissue techniques and stretching releasing tension and softening the muscles.
Treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and mask. During the mask a scalp, or hand massage is given.

75 minutes £75

Organic Facial Indulgence

This treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, connecting with the nervous system and releasing tension in the muscles calming the whole body. The Organic skin care facial routine is then carried out deep cleanses, steam, exfoliation, massage and mask, scalp or hand massage.

90 minutes £85

Natural Face Lift

Natural lift incorporates a unique blend of techniques from acupressure, facial reflexology, and Japanese and Indian facial massage. This advanced method of traditional facial massage treats the surface and also deep facial tissues using gentle pressures, manipulation and lifting techniques smoothing out fine lines and leaving a healthy and radiant skin.

60 minutes £60

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