I knew from a young age i was searching for something ………

A deeper understanding of life, i used to sleep walk and have reoccurring dreams, i would wake up feeling anxious, i didn’t know where it was coming from or how to make peace with the experience. I suffered from panic attacks frequently in my late teens and into my 20’s . The Doctor prescribed me beta blockers. I decided to seek an alternative route. My training in massage and using aromatherapy oils encouraged me to explore treatments and oils to help anxiety and calm the nervous system.

I discovered meditation and yoga on my travels which changed my life, i was able to overcome my anxiety and a new way of managing stress, this practice combined with regular massage and use of oils inspired me to create kalmkarma and help others find peace and inner calm. 

My journey to finding kalmkarma

My journey began after completing a BTEC diploma in beauty therapy at the London college of fashion in 1995. This led me to work at the sanctuary spa in London and then onto cruise ships. I loved travelling with my work and experiencing people from all walks of life. Having a strong connection to nature, natural health and healing I was drawn to learn holistic treatments and work with aromatherapy oils and organic skin care. After spending over a year in Australia and time in Thailand, India and Nepal I was inspired to learn yoga, meditation, Thai massage and Reiki. I experienced learning wat po massage in Bangkok, Vipassana meditation in Nepal and yoga studies at the Sivananda center in Kerala and Krishnamacharya Mandiram in Chennai.

On my return to the UK I completed a 500 hour yoga teaching diploma with the British wheel of yoga. My yoga and meditation experiences were life changing which really helped me explore myself on a deeper level. Through my self yoga practice this also opened up my passion for dance and the awareness of expressing my feelings through movement. I hired a dance studio and made a regular practice of dancing alone, this inspired me to create music compilations and experiment each week moving with my mood.

During this time i also discovered shamanic healing and journeying, it felt like coming home, meeting my spirit guides and receiving messages of love and guidance. I was moved to make a drum and train further in shamanism. I created spirit dance which combines my shamanic influence, dance and yoga, this has been a work in progress and i love seeing the difference in how people transform with this shamanic dance journey.

I bring aspects of shamanic teachings into my healing sessions and yoga and am always updating my massage and yoga skills with continual professional development. I feel passionate to be bringing all of my experiences and practices together helping to make a difference on how one feels.

I am currently living in East Kent and offer treatments and yoga sessions in Canterbury, Deal , Folkestone and on line via zoom. I run spirit dance workshops at festivals and @ The Quiet View Yurt in Kingston Kent.

If you have any questions or would like to experience my work id love to hear from you.

Love and light Natasha x

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